Art, Photography and Semi Precious Gemstone Jewellery - Inspired by Nature

Bamalam Jewellery

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Bamalam Jewellery is a mother and daughter team who have a passion for animals, nature, and creating beautiful jewellery.
We live in rural Suffolk, England - a peaceful part of East Anglia full of greenery, colour and wildlife, all of which inspire our love of art, photography and jewellery design.

Jewellery making started as a hobby, as so many businesses do. We loved the colours, textures and history behind the different gemstones - Onyx: black and reflective like still water; translucsent pearls; the fiery embers of carnelian; the different forms of jaspers and agate; the colours of jade ...  I could go on.

We love the challenge of finding unusual stones and making stylish pieces. We hope you like our jewellery as much as we do.